About Me

I am Aaliyah, and I come from a working-class background. I am a straightforward, sweet, self-assured, and cunning person. I learned the value of passion, commitment, trust, and time management from the beginning. It is true that one cannot learn solely from books. Rather, all extracurricular activities in which one participates must be used to learn. I strive to achieve my goals. So far, I've proven to be the best in all areas, including academics, extracurricular activities, and personal matters. There is no such thing as a truly good man who does not have a combination of both mistakes and achievements. To put it another way, I failed a dozen times. But every setback made me stronger. Humanitarian service is the strongest of all services. I'm writing about myself to convey that what I see, feel, and plan for my life is the absolute manifestation of what I do today. I strive to be modest, passionate, committed, hardworking, and honest in everything I do..

Awards and Acheivements

Certified Reliabilty Engineer, American Society for Quality.

Established Embedded Systems P SIG, IEEE Vellore.

Under my leadership, SIG IEEE grew to more than 1,000 researchers and contributors. Focused on Audio and  Speech Processing, this SIG now contributes more than 50 research papers in a year.

Best Paper Award, 25th ACM Conference

I was among the top 5 scholars nationally that were awarded Best Paper Award at ACM,Mumbai for the  valuable contributions towards engineering research.

Kinetic  ceramics

Designed and developed piezoelectric technology for clients in variety of sectors


Skill Set


  • Foreign Language Skills
  • Computer Programming
  • Software
  • Graphic design
  • Management experience


  • Handling conflict
  • Responsible
  • Punctual
  • Takes initiative


Project name:E-Marketing

Operating system: Windows 98/XP/07

E-Marketing is a web based application intended for online retailers. It would make searching, viewing and selection of a product easier for user’s specific to their needs. The application also provides a drag and drop feature so that a user can add a product to the shopping cart by dragging the item into the shopping cart.

Project name:Social Media Schedular

Operating system: Windows 98/XP/07

Build responsive page using Django and node that allowed users to schedule social media posts across Instagram and Twitter. Utitilized the Instagram API and Twitter API.Build features using  Scikit-learn in python that learned what time of day maximized engagement with social media posts wich increased overall  engagement rates by 15% of user



  • Church Youth Group- Coordinationg over 100 youth members for a 2-week mission trip.
  • Interested in blog writing.
  • Elected as Co-Captain by team members.
  • Member of ABC Dance Club.

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